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​Benefits of Black Pepper

Many established societies use black pepper in a remedial way. Because of the black pepper health benefits, Ayurveda remedies frequently use pepper as an appetite stimulant, a breathing aid, and a cough therapy. It is also sometimes used to treat Colic,  Anemia, Heart trouble and Diabetes.

Pepper  helps to combat headache. Interestingly, the piperine found in black pepper is an anti-inflammatory. Researchers recently studied piperine’s effects on pain perception as well as its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects. The results indicated that piperine blocked the expression of a gene responsible for arthritis and also reduced pain perception and inflammation. In short, black pepper contains a natural painkiller.

The nutritional content of black pepper contains a generous quantity of vitamin A and is rich in vitamins C and K. Other vitamins and minerals in black pepper include Thiamin, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Folic acid, Cholin, Copper, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorous and Zinc.

Black pepper is also an antioxidant haven. Various studies conducted over the last quarter century show that increased antioxidant consumption has a positive effect on certain health conditions. One six-year trial, during which participants regularly took an antioxidant vitamin mixture, revealed a reduction in age-related muscular degeneration. Antioxidant consumption may also reduce the risk of certain cancers as well as heart disease.

​Black pepper health benefits don’t stop there. Piperine, the compound responsible for pepper’s taste, also aids the absorption of other nutrients. Several recent studies have shown that piperine actually increases the bioavailability—and consequent effectiveness—of certain other substances, including curcumin. Curcumin, which is found in turmeric, may reduce the severity of several major diseases in humans, including pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and psoriasis. If piperine can help the body absorb curcumin, the combination could lead to new medical treatments.


1) Vcorp's pepper tea is derived from dried peppercorn stems, not from the leaves nor from the peppercorns.

2) The health benefits of dried peppercorns might differ from dried pepper stems.

3) The health benefits of eating peppercorns might differ from drinking of pepper tea.
  1. Pepper Ginger Lemongrass
    Pepper Ginger Lemongrass
  2. Pepper Turmeric Lemongrass
    Pepper Turmeric Lemongrass
  3. Pepper Ginger Turmeric
    Pepper Ginger Turmeric
  4. Original Kampot Pepper
    Original Kampot Pepper
  1. Digestion & Relaxation
    Digestion & Relaxation
  2. Anti Oxidant & Relaxation
    Anti Oxidant & Relaxation
  3. Vitality & Body Defence
    Vitality & Body Defence
  4. Energize & Well Being
    Energize & Well Being

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